Welcome to Department of Computational Brain Imaging(CBI)!

The goals of our research are to develop novel methods to understand human brain imaging data as well as to make applications of human brain imaging data. In particular, we work on multimodal imaging intergration and Brain Network Interface (BNI) using statistical models and machine learning methods. In the mutlimodal imaging intergration project, we have developed an innovative source localization method which combines MEG measurement with high temporal resolution and fMRI measurement with high spatial resolution. Furthermore we are extending our method to integration of EEG and NIRS measurements both of which can make it possibleto measure brain activities in daily life. In the BNI project, we are developing methods to decode his/her intention from brain data as well as clarifying cognitive mechanism during using BNI.

Research Topics

  • Multimodal imaging and the source localization method
  • Decoding method
  • System identification method for investigating neural processing
  • Brain network interface