Hierarchical Bayesian estimation for brain current source localization

To study the information processing performed in the human, it is essential to measure the brain activity both non-invasively and with high spatio-temporal resolution. We are developing the VBMEG method, which combines fMRI (high spatial resolution) and MEG (high time resolution) based on a hierarchical Bayesian methodology and making it available as a GUI software.

Brain reading: Decoding

The purpose of brain reading (decoding) research is to reconstruct what the human subject is thinking from its brain activity. We are studying Bayesian and machine learning methods for decoding.

Brain network interface (BNI)

Brain network interface (BNI) is a method for controlling robots or computers by using source localization from non-invasive measurements such as fMRI, MEG, EEG, and NIRS. We focus on developing online and portable devices for BNI by using EEG and NIRS.