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Raju Surampudi Bapi
Visiting Researcher
Kawato Dynamic Brain Project, ERATO, JST

                        (CURRENT AFFILIATION)
    Associate Professor, Dept of Computer & Information Sciences
          University of Hyderabad, India

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I obtained a PhD (Mathematical Sciences Computer Science, 1994) and MS (Biomedical Engineering,
1989) both from the University of Texas at Arlington, USA. Prior to that I did B.E (Electrical &
Electronics Engineering, 1979) from Osmania University, India. I worked in Bharat Heavy Electrical
Engineering, India from 1979-83 as a Design Engineer, as a Research Fellow in University of Plymouth,
England from 1994-1997, and as a Researcher in KDB, ERATO, JST, Japan from 09/1997 - 04/1999.
I am currently working as an Associate Professor, Dept of Computer & Information Sciences,
University of Hyderabad , India

Research Interests

My main research interest is in Neural Network Modeling of Brain areas, especially Modeling the
Frontal Cortex - Basal Ganglia Loops that contribute to Sequential Behavior. For the present, my
aim is to see how these Neural Net Models help us elucidate the Function of various Brain areas.

Apart from this main focus, I am interested in the general area of Design of Autonomous Systems,
and the WHOLE question of ARTIFICIAL AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS and how the study of
BRAIN helps us understanding the issues involved and BUILDING them, perhaps!

Academic Collaborators/Mentors/Friends

Prof. Jack Boitano, Fairfield University, Connecticut, NH, USA
Dr. Guido Bugmann, University of Plymouth, England
Prof. Mike Denham, University of Plymouth, England
Dr. Kenji Doya, KDB, ERATO, Kyoto, Japan
Prof. Dan Levine, University of Texas at Arlington, TX, USA
Prof. W. Raghupathi, California State University, Chico, CA, USA
Dr. Rajkumar Roy, Cranfield University, England
Prof. John Taylor, Kings' College London, England & Institute for Medicine, Juelich, Germany

Recent Publications

Professional Affiliations Life In Japan - Some experiences


In this space I would like to keep adding some useful and interesting tidbits on Japan. I shall
try to add links that I found interesting as well, soon! Meanwhile please take a look at
Gaijin (Foreign) Scientist , I found this book quite useful. Also, if you have info on finding
interesting vegetarian (=vegetables, dairy products) food in Japan, please email me.


Yoga, Tennis, Badminton, Listening to Music (Indian Classical), Learning Languages,
Reading (Urdu) Poetry, Pondering over general philosophical questions (just joking!)

Recipes (More to come!):

Current Theme
"Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance."
-- Jon Franklin


Office Address (India):
S. Bapi Raju
Reader, Dept of Comp & Info Sci.
University of Hyderabad, Gachibowli
Hyderbad, India 500 046
Phone:    +91 40-3010780 (or) 3010500 - 512 Ext: 7917 / 7914
Fax:        +91 40-3010120 (or) 3010145
email: bapics@uohyd.ernet.in  (or) rajubapi@hotmail.com

Office Address (Japan):
Raju S. Bapi
Kawato Dynamic Brain Project, ERATO, JST
2-2 Hikaridai, Seika, Soraku, Kyoto, Japan 619-0288
Phone:    +81 774-95-1201
Fax:        +81 774-95-3001

Home Address (India):
10-3-307/4, Humayun Nagar
Hyderbad, India 500 028
Home Phone: +91 40-3535433
email: rajubapi@hd2.vsnl.net.in

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