Welcome to NeuroBench!
An electrophysiological data analyser.
To start, click a neuron name (e.g. F5U81). This will open up experimental conditions list. Click a condition (e.g. light+ring). This will load a list of firing patterns recorded from that neuron when the monkey was doing the grasp with the selected condition (e.g. reach & grasp the ring in lighted environment). You can change the active board by clicking one of the 4 boards. After loading a series of firing patterns you can use Hist button to get the histogram of the firings and Aling to align the the firings according to a choosen event (Events are shown with color bars superimposed on the raster plots of the firing patterns).
For histogram, click on a (loaded) board then press Hist button followed by an other board selection (mouse click) as the target for the histogram operation. The histogram will be plotted in the selected board.
For align, click on a (loaded) board then press Align button followed by a color bar selection on the raster plot. The other rasters in that board will be aligned to the selected event. If there is a already plotted histogram for the selected firing patterns then it will be automatically updated.