Motoaki Kawanabe, Ph.D.

Since April 2015, I am a principal researcher of ATR Brain Information Communication Research Laboratory Group (BICR), in Keihanna Science City, Kyoto, Japan. From November 2000 till September 2011, I had worked as a postdoctral researcher at the Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) group at Fraunhofer FIRST, and Machine Learning/Inteligent Data Analysis laboratory, Technische Universität Berlin, in Berlin, Germany.

Research Interests

  • Semiparametric statistical models and estimating functions
  • Blind source separation
  • Kernel-based learning methods
  • Dimensionality reduction and feature extraction
  • Brain computer interface
  • Image annotation and retrieval (project THESEUS)


  • 「多利用者・多状況に共通する特性の抽出による情報転移BMI」(2015.4-, JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), PL)
  • 「複数情報源からの異種データに対する統合的解析法」(2015.4-, JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Exploratory Research, PL)
  • "Next generation affective life log: Machine learninig with multimodal sensor networks" (2015.4-, JST Japanese-Finnish Research Cooperative Program in "Information Systems for Accessibility and Support of Older People", co-PL with Prof. Hyvärinen at University of Helsinki)
  • 「強化学習モデルによるヒトの潜在的な心理状態の予測に基づく共適応BMI」(2012.4-2015.3, JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), PL)
  • "Robust Adaptive BCIs for Nonstationary Environments" (2012.4-2015.3, JST Strategic Japan-Germany Cooperative Program on "Computational Neuroscinece")
  • "Novel and innovative R&D making use of brain structures: the network brain-machine interface" (2011.7-2015.3, Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)



 Advanced Telecommunications REsearch Institute International (ATR)
 Brain Information Communication Research Laboratory Group
 2-2-2 Hikaridai Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0288 Japan
 Tel: +81 (0)774 95 1013
 Fax: +81 (0)774 95 1236
 Email: kawanabe AT atr DOT jp

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