Cortese group

Brain Extension Computation Group

I am a principal investigator at ATR Computational Neuroscience Labs, under the ERATO-Ikegaya project, where I lead the Brain Extension Computation Group(脳拡張計算グループ).

Our group is broadly interested into how humans and animals learn from small sample. Understanding how the brain transforms problems from complicated, multi-dimensional entities to something amenable. What is the role of higher order cognitive functions in reinforcement learning? What is the neural substrate of this interplay? We are also particularly interested in the role played by consciousness and metacognition, which we think are intimately related. We also look at these questions from the perspective of psychiatric disorders.

Ultimately we aim to understand these functions in the (human) brain, as well as to develop models, methods, applications, that merge neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

Please get in touch if you are interested to work with us!

We are always looking for postdoctoral candidates with outstanding publication records, great technical skills, and strong interest in these topics. For enquiries please contact

If you would like to pursue a PhD with us, we will consider exceptional applicants who have already done/published work in the area, and are interested in working with us on specific projects. There are a number of universities with which we are affiliated (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Kyoto University, Osaka University, …). 

At the moment we do not have openings for interns.