Research and development of exoskeleton robots and artificial intelligence to enhance neurorehabilitation


Toward the realization of a healthy and long-lived society, we aim to improve the sophistication and efficiency of nervous system rehabilitation by exoskeleton robots that utilize artificial intelligence and ICT technology, targeting motor paralysis due to central nervous system diseases.
We are developing an engine that optimizes the movement of exoskeleton robots and a technological foundation that contributes to the realization of remote rehabilitation.


  • Exoskeleton assist technology: By quantifying the physical characteristics during assist with an exoskeleton robot, we will build a database related to functional improvement during rehabilitation and before and after intervention.
  • Artificial intelligence technology: Developed assist technology to deal with the individuality of paralysis,by quantifying the intuition and experience of a skilled therapist as a parameter of an exoskeleton robot,AI enhances and streamlines neurorehabilitation with an intervention engine that optimizes appropriate intervention parameters.
  • ICT technology: Contributes to the realization of remote rehabilitation by transmitting body characteristics remotely via the Internet.

The next deployment

Currently, we are demonstrating the developed technology at multiple clinical institutions, and we plan to promote the practical application of the technology through a medical-engineering collaboration system for social implementation.