Dream Decoding Video

We just posted a video from our research of decoding dreams from human brain activity. The video shows decoded contents during sleep, followed by a report from the subject describing what they saw. Please enjoy!

Time series of visual dream contents decoded from brain activity in higher visual cortex during sleep (two dream samples) . The movie displays superimposed stimulus images of 18 different semantic categories used for decoder training. The contrasts were modulated according to the decoder outputs (continuous “scores”) for each category at each time point. The images for each category were randomly picked from the stimulus image set collected from web databases. The tag cloud illustrates the names of the categories. The sizes also vary with the output scores. The verbal reports upon awakening are shown at the end. The movie is not meant to be a reconstruction of shape or color seen in the dreams. The images indicate what kind of objects or scenes (semantic categories) were likely to be present in the dreams, or what kind of images would produce similar brain activity in higher visual cortex, the brain area known to have response selectivity to visual semantic categories.