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BrainLiner v1.07 Released!

The other day we released the latest version of our web portal for sharing neurophysiological and behavioral data,

New Features Include:

  • New light-colored design
  • Ability to download an entire project with as a single .zip file
  • Integration with FaceBook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Ability to choose between Creative Commons (CC-0 and CC-BY) licenses for your uploaded data, or create your own.
  • Automatic separation between data and supplementary files that are uploaded.
  • Improved search performance

Please feel free to e-mail us (Takemiya, Harada, and Tsukamoto at ATR) at and give us your comments and opinions.

Additionally, we also created a FaceBook page where you can get the latest news about our site, as well as post your comments to us: