BrainLiner v1.11

Last week we released version 1.11 of This release includes a complete redesign of the site and new HTML5 web data previewer.

Variational Bayesian Canonical Correlation Analysis

Yusuke Fujiwara has just open-sourced his variational Bayesian CCA library for matlab. This library uses data from Miyawaki’s 2008 paper and is available on github:


  • Fujiwara Y, Miyawaki Y and Kamitani Y. (2013). Modular encoding and decoding models derived from Bayesian Canonical Correlation Analysis. Neural Computation, in press.


  • Miyawaki Y, Uchida H, et al., and Kamitani Y. (2008). Visual image reconstruction from human brain activity using a combination of multi scale local image decoders. Neuron, 60, 915-929.
  • Fujiwara, Y., Miyawaki, Y., and Kamitani, Y. (2009). Estimating image bases for visual image reconstruction from human brain activity. Advances in neural information processing systems, 22, 576-584. (

BrainLiner v1.06

We are happy to announce that we released v.1.06 of, our lab’s web portal for sharing neurophysiological data, with an emphasis on facilitating brain-machine interface (BMI) research. This release was in development for several months and includes the following key updates:

  • “Experiments” are now called “Projects”
  • References related to your experiment, such as published journal articles, can now be added
  • An area to enter contact information that will be made public has been added
  • Channels inside Neuroshare data files can now be edited to include meta-information, such as whether they are data channels or stimulus labels
  • For data files that have less than 200 channels, we compute correlation matrices and principle-component variance graphs and display these on a new “View Statistics” page, associated with each relevant data file
  • By default up to 20 channels are displayed in the Flash-based data previewer

Please give us your feedback and new ideas!