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Yukiyasu Kamitani, Ph.D.

ATR Computational
Neuroscience Laboratories

Last updated: June 2, 2005


Department of Neuroinformatics
ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories

2-2-2 Hikaridai, Keihanna Science City, Kyoto 619-0288, Japan

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    Selected Articles

    • Kamitani, Y.T., F. Decoding the perceptual and subjective contents of the human brain. Nature Neuroscience 8, 679-685 (2005).
    • Shams, L., Kamitani, Y. & Shimojo, S. Modulations of visual perception by sound. in The Handbook of Multisensory Processes (eds. Calvert, G.A., Spence, C. & Stein, B.E.) 27-33 (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2004).
    • Kamitani, Y. & Shimojo, S. Global yet early processing of visual surfaces. in The Visual Neurosciences (eds. Chalupa, L.M. & Werner, J.S.) 1129-1138 (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2003).
    • Kanai, R. & Kamitani, Y. Time-locked perceptual fading induced by visual transients. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 15, 664-672 (2003).
    • Shimojo, S., Kamitani, Y. & Nishida, S. Afterimage of perceptually filled-in surface. Science 293, 1677-1680 (2001).
    • Kamitani, Y., Bhalodia, V.M., Kubota, Y. & Shimojo, Y. A model of magnetic stimulation of neocortical neurons. Neurocomputing 38-40, 697-703 (2001).
    • Shams, L., Kamitani, Y. & Shimojo, S. What you see is what you hear. Nature 408, 788 (2000).
    • Kamitani, Y. & Shimojo, S. Manifestation of scotomas created by transcranial magnetic stimulation of human visual cortex. Nature Neuroscience 2, 767-771 (1999).

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