Open Positions

Open researcher position at ATR Brain Labs., Kyoto, Japan

Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), Kyoto, Japan, has open researcher positions and invites applications from people with strong motivations and ambitions in the research project described below.

We will study how to analyze multi-modal sensor measurements to create artificial intelligence that can understand semantically daily life situations based on machine learning and information-theoretic approach to consciousness.

In particular, we will develop and implement machine-learning techniques for top-down attention, which dynamically processes data streams to find where to focus and intensively analyze and picks up information essential for decision-making in current situations and contexts. Our attention module will be developed for video, audio, motion and bio signals such as electrocardiogram.

Our project is in close collaboration with neuroscientists led by Dr. Ryota Kanai (CEO, ARAYA Brain Imaging, Tokyo, Japan). PIs and co-PIs in the project are Dr. Ryota Kanai (ARAYA), Prof. Naotsugu Tsuchiya (Monash University, Australia), Dr. Masafumi Oizumi (RIKEN, Japan), Dr. Motoaki Kawanabe (ATR/RIKEN), and Prof. Takuya Maekawa (Osaka University, Japan).

We look forward to your applications and recommendations.

Motoaki Kawanabe, Ph.D.
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), Kyoto, Japan


■ Requirements for Researchers

Applicants must:

– have a Ph.D. (or be near completion).

– have strong motivations and ambitions to take part in the research above.

Successful candidates will have interest in neural and cognitive science with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

– Machine learning, statistics and related areas in mathematical informatics
– Interest in neural and cognitive science (recommended)

■ Number of openings


■ Employment conditions

Position : Full-time Researcher

Tenure   : Single year based contract, renewable based on evaluation

Treatment: Based on individual performance

Work Location: Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)

2-2-2 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0288, Japan

■ Application materials

Please submit the following five materials to the contact address below, either in printed or electronic form:

      1. CV
      2. List of publications
      3. Reprints of 1-3 major publications
      4. Essay (up to two pages in A4 or letter size) describing:

– Summary of your previous research and/or development

– Interests for research

– Additional research skills not directly foreseeable from 1 or 2

      1. Recommendation letters from more than or equal to two researchers

*If submitted in printed form, original documents will not be returned.

■ Judging system

After documentary examination, we ask for presentation and interview if needed

■ Starting date

Soon (negotiable)

■ Deadline for application

Opens until positions are filled.

■ Contact

〒619-0288   Department of Dynamic Brain Imaging

ATR Cognitive Mechanisms Laboratories  (Application for Researcher Position)

2-2-2 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0288, Japan

Email: dbi-cma at     at=@

■ Use of personal data

All personal data received will be properly managed and only be used for the purpose of recruitment.