Under the Moonshot Goal 9: "Realization of a mentally healthy and dynamic society by increasing peace of mind and vitality by 2050," by confronting self based on the Eastern view of humanity as represented by Buddhism and the brain science, we aim to realize a society in which people can increase their peace of mind and vitality, and have compassion for others.

In today's society, where information comes and goes without end, looking inside ourselves, confronting ourselves, and living proactively have become issues in themselves. Of course, understanding and maintaining one's state of mind is a universal challenge that is inherent to all human beings, and various methods have been developed throughout the history of humankind. One of the methods cultivated in the East is meditation, but due to individual differences and the inability to grasp the mind itself, the method is not always open to all people at present.

In this project, we will address this issue by elucidating and applying transitions in mental states from the viewpoint of brain dynamics. First, we will create a database combining large-scale surveys and detailed surveys of small groups, and attempt to model the individuality of mental states. Second, we will develop technologies to estimate and visualize transitions in brain dynamics in real time. Third, we aim to develop a meditation method backed by these technologies and implement it in society through an application. This will enable more people to understand their inner self and control the transitions of their mental states.

This project will serve as a foundation for utilizing the vast amount of knowledge accumulated in Eastern thought for spiritual science, and we hope to create a new relationship between humans and technology by linking the mental world and the physical world with brain science technology.

Hiroshi Imamizu

Project Manager and Director, ATR Cognitive Neuroscience Labs.