Elucidation of brain states of comfort and vitality with consideration of individuality

Building a data-driven model for personal typing

To categorize personality types, we build a "light-heavy mix database" that integrates "light" data, such as large-scale personal trait questionnaires and behavioral data collected by smartphones, with "heavy" data, such as small-scale brain imaging data. Using this database, we build a data-driven model for personality typing in terms of comfort and vitality. We will apply that model to develop individualized meditation and neurofeedback methods.

Saori Tanaka

Indentidying human subtypes in a data-driven manner

In our projects, we aim to increase mental comfort and vitality. Since people have diverse characteristics, developing methods tailored to each individual is necessary. Therefore, our goal is to stratify healthy people into various subtypes according to their characteristics. Subtypes are identified in a data-driven manner using brain imaging data that is difficult to collect on a large scale. Furthermore, we aim to achieve more reliable subtyping considering the relationships between subtypes identified using brain imaging data and ones identified using large-scale questionnaires and smartphone logs which are easier to collect.

Yuki Sakai

large scale survey on behavioral data with smartphones

In this project, we will conduct an online survey regarding personal characteristics such as age, gender, personality, cognitive function, and social adaptability to build a light-heavy-mix-database. In addition, we will use smartphones to collect behavioral data such as activity levels and experience sampling. Questions will be delivered to participants’ smartphones at random times several times a day and they will be asked about their state of mind at that time. Additionally, a prototype smartphone application will be developed based on the meditation application specifications established by the social-implementation-team. We will continue to conduct research and development with a goal of commercialization by investigating market trends with other team members, focusing on neurofeedback technology, meditation apps, and personalization technology.

Hajime Nakamura