Cognitive Mechanisms Laboratories

~Toward understanding high-order brain functions~

We investigate the mechanisms for high-order brain functions by utilizing advanced technologies for the measurement and the analysis of brain activity as well as simulations of brain functions based on robots and computers. Our results enhance human communications and the development of natural human-machine interfaces.

Department of Cognitive Neuroscience(DCN)
Understanding brain mechanisms for cognition and learning
Our objective is to clarify the cognitive and learning mechanisms underlying human intelligence using computational theories, psychological experiments, and brain activity measurements. Based on our knowledge of brain mechanisms, we are developing human-machine interfaces that help users, control algorithms for humanoid robots, establish new methods of education, and enhance communication ability.
●Brain mechanisms for improving communication
Environments around humans continuously change. We are investigating the attention mechanisms necessary for realizing the changes of environments and in the human brain during adaptation to new
environments as well as the mechanisms for rapid and appropriate activation of acquired knowledge for adaptive behaviors.

Department of Dynamic Brain Imaging(DBI)

Connecting a brain with a computer
The goal of our research is to develop a device that directly sends commands to a computer just by using thoughts produced in the brain. For this purpose, we are developing tools to analyze brain imaging data and methods to read thought from brain activities. This device is expected to be applied to a number of fields such as social welfare, entertainment, and industries.
●Interface based on non-invasive brain imaging
The successful use of brain network interfaces requires the accurate classification of brain activity patterns. We are developing feature extraction and classification methods that efficiently work for high dimensional data obtained from such non-invasive brain measurements as EEG, MEG, fMRI, and NIRS. We are also developing a method to incorporate the current source localization method into a brain network interface.

Department of Neural Computation for Decision-making(NCD)
We aim to elucidate the neural mechanisms of decision-making by computational approaches, and apply them to solve social, economic, and medical problems.