Computational Neuroscience Laboratories

~Toward understanding brain function using a computational approach~

We aim to understand the brain function through computational neuroscience and to develop a Brain Machine Interface (BMI) for recovery of motor functions in humans as technology for IT and clinical applications.

Department of Neuroinformatics(DNI)

Decoding brain signals
Neural decoding allows us to predict mental content from measured brain signals. Our group is developing computational techniques to decode human brain signals and study information coding in the human brain. Our goal is to establish novel
communication technology that directly connects the brain and machines using decoded neural information.
●From mind-reading to brain-machine interfaces
Brain signals can be seen as ‘codes’ that encode our mental experiences. To decipher them, we combine neuroscience and machine learning methods. We are developing decoding techniques that capture the subtlety of our mental experiences and apply them to build brain-machine interfaces that control machines using decoded information.

Department of Brain Robot Interface(BRI)

Connecting a brain with a robot
The goal of our study is to control robots by thoughts in the brain. This study is expected to contribute to the connection of humans and robots as a future telecommunication device and to the development of an assistive device for the recovery of
motor functions in humans. We aim to understand brain mechanisms especially those of motor control.
●Development of a robotic assistive device using brain activity
The goal of our study is to control an exoskeleton and/or a humanoid robot using brain activity. A non-invasive device to detect brain activity can only provide a limited amount of information. Therefore, we are developing a suitable autonomous controller that can complement the detected brain activity.

Department of Decoded Neurofeedback(DecNef)
Research and Application for Decoded fMRI Neurofeedback
We integrate psychophysical, neuroimaging, and computational approaches and apply the decoded neurofeedback(DecNef) method to BMI, medical treatment, and communication technology.
●A New Approach in Neuroscience: DecNef Method
We have developed the decoded neurofeedback (DecNef)method to induce a targeted brain activity pattern in a targeted brain region. Our long-term goal is to clarify the brain mechanism and to establish a new clinical framework in which to treat disease.