Event Topics

ATR Mini Symposium on Sensorimotor Control and Robotics

日  時:2016年8月8日(月) 13:00〜17:10

場  所:ATR脳情報通信総合研究所 地下01会議室 *アクセス方法はこちら

言  語:英語

主  催:ATR脳情報通信総合研究所

共  催:けいはんなリサーチコンプレックス(FS)事業



Session 1: Chair, Yasuharu Koike (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
 13:00-13:20  Hiroshi Imamizu (The University of Tokyo/ATR)
“Temporal recalibration of motor and visual potentials in lag adaptation”
 13:20-13:40  Jun Morimoto (ATR)
“Exoskeleton Robots for Rehabilitation”
 13:40-14:00  Yusuke Fujiwara  (ATR)
“Coordinate transformation from extrinsic to muscle-like frame in human parieto-frontal network”
Session 2: Chair, Mitsuo Kawato (ATR)
 14:15-15:15   Jody Culham (University of Western Ontario)
“Neural coding of real actions and real objects in the human brain”
Session 3: Chair, Hiroshi Imamizu (ATR)
 15:30-15:50   Ganesh Gowrishankar (CNRS-AIST Joint Robotics Laboratory)
“Incorporation of tools in the body schema: a dual time scale process”
 15:50-16:10   Yasuharu Koike (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Force field adaptation based on musulo-skeletal computational model”
Session 4: Chair, Jun Morimoto (ATR)
 16:30-16:50   Natsue Yoshimura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Neural representations of wrist motor coordinate frames and their application”
 16:50-17:10   Ludovico Minati (Trento University)
“Remote synchronization in an experimental ring of non-linear oscillators
: relevance for modelling brain functional connectivity”